Dr. Andrea Jiménez Dalmaroni

Dr. Andrea Jiménez Dalmaroni is Head of Physics Education Research at Cardiff University and an Honorary Associate Professor at University College London. After an extensive career in biophysics, her main interests are focused on the field of science education research. She designs and investigates alternative forms of assessments and novel teaching techniques to promote critical thinking, self-directed learning, and to facilitate students a smooth transition to conduct their own projects. She is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and has been a Visiting Scholar at Harvard University (2016), Stanford University (2017), and a Visiting Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2018 and 2019). Andrea has been leading STEM education initiatives at UK-scale since 2017, such as the IOP/Royal Society Physics Education for the 21st Century Conference series and the Active Futures in STEM Education workshop, supporting cohorts of staff in applying evidence-based education innovation with confidence. Her work earned her a 2021 UCL Provost Education Award in the category Education Success for All.


Dr. Scott Franklin

Dr. Scott Franklin is a Professor in the School of Physics and Astronomy at Rochester Institute of Technology and the director of the Center for Advancing STEM Teaching, Learning & Evaluation (CASTLE). He maintains active research programs in granular physics. His education research includes work on student metacognition, epistemological framing during problem solving, and institutional change pertaining to issues of identity and equity. He leads RIT’s Inclusive Excellence initiative, which seeks to foster a culture of inclusion across the College of Science. Dr Franklin co-developed the Professional development for Emerging Education Researchers (PEER) program, which emerged from the research component of a five-year program designed to foster student metacognition. Dr. Franklin received his Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin and was in the first class of National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellows in STEM Education.

Dr. Eleanor Sayre 

Dr. Eleanor Sayre is the Research Director of PhysPort and a Professor in Physics at Kansas State University. PhysPort, a website from the American Association of Physics Teachers, supports faculty in implementing research-based teaching and assessment in their classes. As the Research Director, Dr. Sayre oversees PhysPort's research on faculty needs and student performance, and coordinates human subjects and privacy concerns of users and researchers. At Kansas State University, she conducts research on how undergraduate physics students develop professional identity and technical expertise as scientists and how instructional context and student characteristics affect student learning. Dr. Sayre earned her MS in Teaching and PhD in Physics from the University of Maine with a research focus on physics education. She has over 70 peer-reviewed publications. When she's not knitting, Dr. Sayre runs professional development field schools all over the world for emerging and established education researchers (and sometimes when she is knitting).

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